Cannabis Lounge


Nevada’s marijuana regulators have given the green light to the state’s first cannabis consumption lounge, “Smoke and Mirrors” by Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, set to open this month. The lounge, approved by the Nevada Cannabis Control Board, aims to offer a curated selection of marijuana products and THC-infused beverages, creating a unique destination for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy a diverse range of premium items in an engaging atmosphere, marking a significant development in Nevada’s cannabis industry. The lounge, designed to seamlessly transition from dispensary storefront to a social consumption area, will also host events, artists, and musicians. As part of the evolving cannabis landscape, the development of consumption lounges is seen as the “next frontier” for the industry, as highlighted by Tyler Klimas, former executive director of the CCB. Nevada’s lounge law, enacted in 2021, distinguishes itself by allowing businesses to couple cannabis with yoga, serve infused food, offer THC-aided massage therapy, or incorporate marijuana in various ways, positioning the state at the forefront of this emerging trend. The lounges will adhere to strict safety regulations, ensuring consumption is hidden from public view, prohibiting alcohol, tobacco, or nicotine sales, and implementing measures to address impaired driving and minimize workers’ exposure to secondhand smoke. With a focus on public safety, the regulations set limits on the potency of single-use and extracted inhalable cannabis products, emphasizing responsible consumption.

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