Top 5 Cannabis-Friendly Cities for a Laid-Back Smokecation


In a world where cannabis enthusiasts are searching for their next “smokecation” destination, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to find the perfect place to enjoy your favorite herb without a care in the world. Thankfully, in the United States, there are 23 states where cannabis can be used recreationally, and a handful of cities have embraced this cannabis-friendly vibe with open arms. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through my top five cities where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your smoke with an extra layer of comfort.

1. New York City – The Big Apple’s New Green Leaf

New York, the city that never sleeps, recently passed adult-use cannabis legislation, making it a haven for cannabis enthusiasts. In this bustling metropolis, you’ll find a cornucopia of dispensaries, and one of my personal favorites is Empire Cannabis, located in Brooklyn. The best part? It’s just a short 10-minute walk from many hotels. As I strolled to the dispensary, I couldn’t help but notice carefree souls puffing on huge joints, embodying that quintessential New York spirit – no one cares what you do. With my joints in hand, I tore open the packaging and indulged in a leisurely walk, knowing I was in a city that truly understands and embraces cannabis culture.

2. Las Vegas – The Oasis in the Desert


Las Vegas, the city of glitz and glamour, offers more than just neon lights and slot machines. It’s also a hotspot for cannabis enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find numerous dispensaries that stay open late or operate around the clock. It’s not uncommon to spot people casually enjoying a joint right on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The atmosphere is remarkably similar to the “not giving a damn” spirit of New York. After all, it’s Vegas; there are much wilder things happening here. Some hotels even offer balconies or terraces where you can savor your smoke while taking in stunning views. The Cosmopolitan, for instance, boasts exceptional rooms with terraces that offer breathtaking vistas. Whether you visit during the cooler winter months or the scorching summers, having a private balcony can make your cannabis experience that much more enjoyable.

3. Los Angeles – The Epicenter of Cannabis Culture

As we move down the West Coast, we can’t ignore the undeniable charm of Los Angeles. The City of Angels is a hub for cannabis culture, and you can expect a laid-back approach to enjoying your favorite strain. With numerous dispensaries, beautiful beaches, and a thriving arts scene, LA offers an array of settings for a memorable smokecation.

4. Denver – Where the Mile High City Meets High Altitudes

Denver, Colorado, is renowned for being a trailblazer in the world of recreational cannabis. Here, you’ll find dispensaries galore, and the city’s high-altitude location adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your smoke session. With picturesque mountain views and a vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts, Denver is a fantastic destination for any cannabis connoisseur.

5. Boston – The East Coast’s Hidden Gem

Finally, we head to the charming city of Boston. Massachusetts may have legalized cannabis more recently, but it’s rapidly becoming a cannabis-friendly destination. In Boston, you can explore historical sites, vibrant neighborhoods, and a burgeoning cannabis scene. The city’s relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a quieter, more contemplative experience.

In conclusion, as cannabis enthusiasts, it’s essential to know where we can unwind and enjoy our favorite herb without any worries. The five cities mentioned above have each embraced the cannabis culture in their unique way, allowing you to savor your smokecation with comfort and style. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore these cannabis-friendly havens – it’s time for a memorable adventure that combines your love for cannabis with incredible urban experiences. Happy smokecation!


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